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CHVAC® - The Strategic Approach to a Positive HVAC Claim Experience

CHVAC® is a comprehensive, integrated solution for HVAC insurance claims administration. Our network of resources and specially trained expert staff ensure we respond quickly and resolve homeowner and business’ HVAC repair or replacement claims.

Extension of the Response Team

We are an extension of the agent’s claim response team. With the first contact to CHVAC®, the power of our nationwide network of trained professionals goes to work for a quick and effective claims resolution.

Ensuring Fairness

CHVAC® works with your insurance carrier to ensure all parties are fairly represented and has preferred vendor programs with some of the most recognized carriers in the country.

Enhancing Relationships

Clients most often measure satisfaction against experience, which is why we take our role in the claims process very seriously. High client satisfaction increases policyholder retention. CHVAC® has a 95% satisfaction rating of "Outstanding" on completed claims. You can trust that your policyholder's experience will enhance the agent/customer relationship now and in the future.

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