Assign A Claim

CHVAC® Residential & Commercial HVAC Repair, Replacement, and Insurance Claim Processing

Our job is to simplify the property damage insurance claims process

We take care of your every need. We work with your insurance carrier and get you and you air system back to normal with professional service.

You don’t have to waste your time contacting contractors, setting appointments, or waiting for estimates. Our Claims Specialists do this for you.

We are your Full Service Partner for HVAC repair and replacement.

Our Insurance Claims Specialists

We at CHVAC® begin the process within 8 business hours or at your earliest convenience. Our claims specialist will help you through the process: from working with your insurance carrier, to scheduling the repair or replacement as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our highly trained HVAC professionals are committed to your satisfaction.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our work for three years. This is in addition to the equipment warranty provided by the manufacturer of the system or part installed.


Whether you are self-insured or the repair project is under the deductible, there are no additional costs to you in using CHVAC® for claims covered by your insurance policy. Additionally, special discounts and promotions are frequently offered for additional savings.

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